About Shepherd

Merino Wool’s natural qualities and properties give it a unique advantage when compared with other fibres

Merino is a completely natural fibre that is sophisticated, but as well sustainable, biodegradable and renewable.

  • naturally breathable and heat regulating (maintaining body climate stable in changing conditions)
  • naturally moisture managing (wicks perspiration)
  • naturally water repellent
  • naturally soft on the skin (no itching as per shorter normal wool fibres)
  • naturally odor-resistant
  • naturally absorber of harmful UV radiation
  • machine washable

We at Shepherd are at the pinnacle in regards to Merino

Our strengths

Fabric developments.Shepherd (formerly Luckywool) is a well respected, innovative and leading Manufacturer focused on knitted Merino Wool fabric development and garment making based in Zhangjiagang, close to Shanghai/China.

The owner and CEO M.George Zheng is a former university professor, majoring in Merino and embodies the ‘Shepherd’.

Shepherd was founded in 2007, and currently has in excess of 600 workers, with a production capacity of 300.000-400.000 pieces of garments per month.

The working capacity is 3.6 million pieces of garments per year, and knit 12 million meters of fabric per year.

The Shepherd

George loves to take care of his customers, his team, and his family, which differentiates Shepherd from its competitors with a totally personalized approach for all customers.

Your Brand

At Shepherd we believe in the importance of supporting you, Brand customers with innovative concepts (Material and Garment related), that are developed with your sports/activities, targeting for example: (Outdoor, High Impact Sports and Low Impact Sports).

For each new exhibition attended (Ispo, Outdoor, OR and Performance Days) Shepherd creates new activity related concepts (Tennis, Polo, Horse Riding and Sailing) in Fashion Sports with Workwear concepts currently being developed.

Design to Target

Shepherd personalises the product for you regarding design and content including a price to suit your needs perfectly.
Shepherd offers a ‘one stop-one shop’ solution, with a very vertical integrated approach with its own knitting, cut and sew, bonding and laser cut, printing and embroidery departments.
Shepherd has now its own spinning and the dyeing department will be ready by June 2017.

Whilst focusing on Merino Wool, Shepherd offers as well Merino Blends (to achieve specific requirements, i.e. Polyester) including other materials such as cashmere, yak, silk, alpaca, camel and bamboo.


Shepherd is certified Oeko-tex, ISO and in the progress of Bluesign approval; and is a member of the Wool Mark Company and partner with Südwolle Group.
Some of Shepherds’ staff have an animal protection organization background, so of course no wool is used  if the mulesing process has been carried out.

Shepherds’ Merino is 90% supplied by Südwolle Group and comes from Australian farms, but the end customer can select Tasmania or New Zealand Wool as well.

They Work With Us

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